One of the most significant advances to PaperFree Pharmacy is the addition of the Electronic Prescription Replacement Document (EPRD™). The EPRD™ captures the data that is pulled into your Pharmacy Management System from any e-prescription and creates a clean, consistent electronic representation of the order. The EPRD™ retains all of the information contained in the original electronic prescription and provides you with a searchable, retrievable version of the original order.

Exclusive to PaperFree Pharmacy, with the click of a button your system converts XML code or HL7 into a formatted, standardized document for easy retrieval and reference. Bringing the EPRD™ into PaperFree Pharmacy provides pharmacy technicians and pharmacists with a consistent process regardless of how the order came in.

The EPRD™ also provides a crucial need when it comes to audit responses and audit appeals. When it is time to pull orders and back-up work for an audit, you only have one place to look – PaperFree Pharmacy.