As a leader in business process improvement, Security MicroImaging specializes in developing innovative solutions to maximize process efficiency. PaperFree Pharmacy is a cutting edge solution designed specifically for closed door and specialty pharmacies to help reduce costs, improve customer service, increase productivity and streamline the comprehensive business processes costing you precious time and money.
Today, pharmacy executives are facing an unprecedented level of competition along with increased regulatory demands and the constant pressure to do more with less. We understand your challenges, and PaperFree Pharmacy enables pharmacies to gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace and reap the benefits of that investment now and into the future.
Each pharmacy is a unique business, with it’s own set of processes, people, structure and challenges. Our goal is to equip you with all the information you need to understand what process automation and workflow can do for your pharmacy. We love to travel, so invite us out and we’ll chat with your team about process improvement opportunities and show you a demo of PaperFree Pharmacy. Click below and we’ll get something scheduled.
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If you’ve already done your research and know what you’re looking for but need some real numbers to plug into that wish list, we’ve got that covered too. Click on the Request a Quote button below and we’ll provide you with all the pricing information you need.
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Technological advances in document management and business process automation are changing the landscape of the Long Term Care pharmacy business. In our latest webinar we discuss five of the hottest technology advances in pharmacy automation and how they are impacting you, your customers and your competition.
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